Purpose Of Life

What is a soul? Who are we? Why do we exist? What is meaning of this life?

According to the Vedas, we get human life after crossing 8.4M births in which we were animals or other species. Human birth (or manushya yoni) is considered supreme of all birth and species .A human is considered the most wonderful creation of God, because we have the ability to create. Consider some differences between a human and an animal, both of them eat, sleep, reproduce; both have feelings and emotions, then what is that quality that makes a human superior than other species- its creativity and curiosity. Creativity of new ideas and curiosity to find God and the meaning of life.

A human life must not merge with animal life, just as a human life must not limit up to merely breathing, eating and reproducing only. The main purpose of human life is to find God or his origin. The origin of all- Krishna is a fire and the all the souls are just sparks emerging from that flame. Considerably a soul is destined to find its path within the cyle of life to its origin.

This purpose can be fulfilled by three ways as stated in Bhagvad Gita (Chapter-3 & 12)- Karmayoga, Bhaktiyoga and Gyanayoga.

Karmayogathe path of selfless action, the path which has no boundations and no self needs. It teaches us to act without attachment and without any desires. When one acts without selfless intentions, the path leads to spiritual enlightment. [B.G. : Chap-3]

Bhaktiyoga– the path of selfless service to the Lord. Includes continued love and devotion to Him, it opens the path to the ‘origin’. The path from ‘atma’ to ‘paramatma’, is bhaktiyog. So if one wants to attain spiritual enlightment, he has to surrender himself to selfless devotion of Lord.

Gyanyogaseeking spiritual knowledge brings up the self-realisation in a person’s mind. Gyanayoga levels up a person’s spirituality. By realisation of truth of life one can attain the spiritual enlightment. Realisation of the fakeness of material world and understanding the principle of change are basic aspects of gyanayoga.

Therefore, all these conclusions makeup to one rule of universe- The cycle of life and death is continous and change is its only law.




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  1. Our soul purpose of having a human life is to know about god that’s for sure.
    Getting a degree , a job , kids and a crying old age life can not be our destination.

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